Bitcoin Scam
Have you lost any kind of funds while trading in bitcoins?
Let us assure you that you are not alone. To be specific, over a billion dollars are lost every year in such scams and many investors lose their lifetime capital in it. At First Option Recovery, a firm that has catered to over 3k+ cases and worked in over 2k+ clients, what we can promise you is timely service and a recovery time frame of just 120 days.

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unverified Bitcoin Exchanges

There are thousands of unverified bitcoin exchanges which are operating on a regular basis. They promise humongous profits and say that if you invest a huge sum with them, you will get huge profits in return. But that is not true. Once they have your money, they will vanish in thin air and will never return. They will not answer your calls or emails. Please keep in mind such bitcoin exchanges before you decide to invest your hard earned money.

What to do when you lose your Money?

The best way is to contact First Option Recovery in such cases. Owing to the multitude of scams that we have been a victim of, what we can promise is that once we have started working on your case, you will get your funds refunded within 120 days. And it won’t take a day more, that's a promise from our side. Contact us if you want a free consultation right now.

Types of Scam

Phishing Bitcoin Scams
Many bitcoin exchanges are quite trustworthy. What scammers do is create an exact replica of such a website and soon enough, start promoting it. But what you can say is that you should not fall for such websites and checking the website’s URL before deciding to perform the next steps is very very important. So, next time keep that in check.
ICO Bitcoin Scams
ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering. What Initial Public Offering is for stocks, ICO is for cryptos. Majority of the ICO’s are fake and manipulative with a fraudulent white paper. Bitconnect was one such ICO that caused investors to lose a total of over a billion dollars. Stay safe from such fake ICO’s.

Social Media Scams
Often what these scammers do is create social media pages and try to promote their product on these pages as much as they can. After the pages get a certain amount of likes, soon many people start falling for these products. Little do they know that it is nothing but a scam in disguise.
Bitcoin Giveaway Scams
Ever heard that ELon Musk or Bill Gates is doing a bitcoin giveaway on Twitter? If you see it, it is nothing but a false notion. Get accustomed to the fact that there are no such giveaways that happen at all and instead, what you can do is stay away from such giveaways as much as possible and save your money.

Bitcoin Scams

> 3000+ cases
> $19 million recovered
> 90% above success rate.

First Option Recovery has been updated regarding instances of mailing with public domains from various fraudulent who pose as professionals, fabricating themselves to be an authorized representative of First Option Recovery making false promises and asking for sensitive details about your credit card and other payment options. Use of public addresses like, are common email addresses that are used for such practices. It is always advised to never entertain such emails and only entertain those ending with the In any case of grievance, you can write to use at to ensure about the genuineness of such emails or calls. Our registered domain is the only one that is legal and no other domain, private or public is there, as per our knowledge. Do note that First Option Recovery cannot entertain any such complaints when it comes to dealing with such carelessness from a customer.

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