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WOW,what an amazing company Firstoptionsrecovery really is.I thought I had lost all my money to these scammers,but when my PA told me of your company I acted immediately.Alex who dealt with my case was amazing every step of the way,How he knew what to say and the time to say it was invaluable and just took away all the stress and worry.You're a STAR Steve keep up the good work !! –UK

  • Mark

I had invested about 150,000 USD with Ten Option and after about 6 months of lies, contradictions and broken promises, had received only 15,500USD back. My account manager, Frank, initially appeared to be helping me but in the end it was obvious that he and his company were taking me for everything they could get!! With my credit card maxed out, overdue and having been subjected to a lot of interest, fees, etc. I finally found out about Firstoptionsrecovery . John helped me to recoup $110,000 from Ten Option and it only took about 3 months!! I cannot thank him (and the company he works for) enough! Thank God there is someone doing their best to remedy the atrocious things that are being done to ordinary, hard-working people and families by these binary options companies. -South Africa

  • Ronald

Firstoptionsrecovery are the Greatest I got scammed by a Stern Option, which reached after some successful smaller trades, that I gave them 50k$. With this amount they made successful trades as well, but my withdrawal requests would not be processed. They told me to put another 10k $ in the account to get much more profits. Now it got obvious that these people are real scammers. I emailed them many times and spoke to them in the live chat, but without effort to get my withdrawal. Fortunately I found on the forexpeacearmy website Firstoptionsrecovery and got in contact with Steve. he helped and finally they gave me back my funds. It needed about 5 month dogged work to get the effort. Steve was an effective fighter and I highly recommend the work of Firstoptionsrecovery. - London

  • Alex

I recently used Firstoptionsrecovery after a well known Binary company Ten option scammed me for $78K+. My claim was handled by Adam who was very efficient, friendly and easy to deal with. We managed to recover all my money. Thank You to Firstoptionsrecovery for a job well done,I recommend their service. - Texas

  • Jenny

After investing $259,000k in Ten Option and over the course of 8 months seeing my hopes and dreams of them not being a scam come crashing down I was close to suicide. Ten option cost me my savings, my confidence and my self respect. I had trust issues and struggled to carry on a normal life. Once I came to the conclusion that Ten Option was a scam I looked into getting a chargeback but I doubted I would get anything back because I signed the declaration of deposits forms. Firstoptionsrecovery helped me out of my despair. Their friendly and genuine concern for me, as a human being, not just as a client was refreshing after feeling like an ATM for Ten Option. I was given pre-contract advice for free and advised which contract would be the best value for money for me, not them. When Roger went on leave Adrian stepped in and continued my case so there was no loss of progress -they actually want YOU to win. With their help I recovered all my investment with Ten Option. My only regret is that I ever started binary options trading in the first place...it really tested my faith in humanity that these scammers even exist. Adrian and Roger reassured my faith that good people do still exist out there. -Minnesota

  • Jerry

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