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Almost two years ago I was very cunningly persuaded to deposit $ 175,000 to a Ten Option / Magnum options company by Max who called himself the Senior Broker of the company. He offered me a contract whereby he would trade on my behalf alongside his own trades for 4% commission and talked of "making a million" against the background of the US presidential election . After a few weeks I sensed that all was not going to plan as he contacted me to look at some charts which he did not seem to fully understand himself and it soon became clear that the real purpose of the contact was to push me into committing even more money into the company. I lost confidence completely at that point and shortly after e-mailed him demanding that the account be closed and the money refunded. That e-mail and the many more that followed were completely ignored and after many months of complete stagnation I received an E-mail from the company confirming that my total investment had been lost. I then quite by accident discovered Firstoptionsrecovery website. I made contact immediately and submitted my details. From that moment on it was "fast forward" to success. David and his colleagues were absolutely brilliant and inspired confidence from day one. An e-mail from the binary options company saying they had decided to refund ALL of my money was great news. A week or so later the best surprise was a letter from my bank informing me that the funds had been received into my account. Brilliant. With the help of Firstoptionsrecovery I had won the war. I could not have done it without them. Within an hour of receiving the news from my bank, I made my commission payment to Firstoptionsrecovery. Never in my lifetime did I get such pleasure at making a payment. What more can I say except that I am absolutely delighted with Ben's company and the whole thing took less than 6 months. Agnel Canada. I was unbelievably lucky to come across Firstoptionsrecovery website. Literally within 5 weeks with David help I got the balance of $17,400 back. Binary options trading should be banned worldwide. It's not trading, it's not investing, it’s a pure scam. I can’t thank you enough for you service. - Canada

  • Adil

The two individuals running Firstoptionsrecovery are great. I was defrauded out of a substantial four-fugue sum by a criminally dishonest 'brokerage', which I now know not to be a 'brokerage' at all, but a fund-raising organisation which exists for other, extremely nefarious purposes. The extreme stress and distress of this situation caused insomnia etc. Some immediate action by Firstoptionsrecovery resulted in securing 50% of the funds due to me straightaway, and, because of Firstoptionsrecovery's intimate and detailed knowledge of how these criminals REALLY operate, I am wholly confident all funds defrauded from me will be retrieved in due course. Firstoptionsrecovery are great to work with, and I would recommend their services to anyone. Absolutely invaluable. Allan – New Zeland

  • Allan

I am so glad to wite this artice about First Option Recovery as they have helped me in my badest days of life thank you Alex,Dwayne,Robert and  all the staff of first option recovery.After loosing about 268,000 with cryptocurrency scam US ITEC  they helped me recovery my entire funds and the best part was that they also helped me get a compensation i dont know what would i do if i had not found them i recommend First Option Recovery to all the of them who have lost their hard earned money.
May God Bless you all for your caring and compassion.-- Steve Young.

  • Steve Young

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